10 August 2013

Lardy Ulster Fry Day

Join us on Saturday 31 August for a day of Too Fat Lardies games.


Richard Clarke of TFL is hoping to attend to demonstrate the new  
Chain of Command WW2 skirmish rules. 

In addition to the appearance of the Chief Lardy himself, we hope to run the following TFL demonstration/participation games ourselves:

  • Dux Britanniarum (Age of Arthur)
  • Sharp Practice   (Napoleonic skirmish)
  • Through the Mud and the Blood (World War One)
  • I Ain't Been Shot Mum (World War Two company-level)

Do feel free to come along and either join in or watch!
The event will be held at our usual meeting place in the suburbs of East Belfast, the church hall of St John's Church on the Castlereagh Road.  Opening hours 10:30 to 5:00 approximately.
397 Castlereagh Road, Belfast BT5 6AB

The following URLs show where to park. The location of the Church hall is marked by the Green arrow. (ignore the "A")

This view better shows the entrance from the Castlereagh road:



  1. Will RC be bringing copies of Chain of Cmd for sale ?

    1. I certainly hope so, and he'd be crazy not to in my opinion! In fact I'll make a point of suggesting that he does just that.

  2. I've checked with Rich and he's travelling light, so probably won't be able to bring copies of the rules for sale - sorry!